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Pras The Bandit Pras the Bandit is well versed in the art of Singaporean living. The rules. The regulations. The restrictions. But only so to better break them.

Pras The Bandit

Conceived in 2012 as an outlet where he gets to let loose, Pras the Bandit’s offbeat concepts and graphics present the portrait of the artist as infinitely curious, and eager for his ballad of dissatisfaction to be heard.

Pras The Bandit

Co-founded by Ivan Prasetya, the brand is inspired by the rebellious, punk attitude of going your own way. It seeks to champion the spirit of playing the game by your own rules, while not losing sight of a contemporary urban aesthetic.

Pras The Bandit

Ivan’s works are reflective of his background in graphic design and street culture, turning the label into one of Asia’s best kept secrets.


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